Summer Programs-Elementary

Kindergarten-3rd grade

Summer Themes

Let’s Explore Our World! Week 1, June 21-25 Let’s Discover the Land!

Recognize the layers of the earth and the forms of life on land.

Week 2, June 28–July 2 Dive Under the Sea

Examine the creatures living in the water.

Week 3, July 6- 9 Soar into the Clouds

Study weather events.

Week 4, July 12-16 Blast Off to Space

Explore the planets in the solar system.

Those Who Changed Our World! Week 5, July 19-23 Artists in Motion

Investigate famous painters and styles of art.

Week 6, July 26-30 Writing Wizards

Analyze famous writers and different types of literature.

Week 7, August 2-6 Explorer and Inventors

Discover famous inventors and explorers in history.

Week 8, August 9-13 Community Helpers

Recognize professions that make our life easier, and safer.

My Passport to the World! Week 9, August 16-19 Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Explore tourist places in the world.

Week 10, August 23-31 Makerspace- Creative Building

Design and create with recycled materials.


Our themes will encourage students to:

  • develop life skills
  • expand knowledge
  • explore creativity

Through these themes we will incorporate:

  • art
  • experiments
  • outdoor play & observations
  • field trips
  • stories and more!

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Elementary Program Lead:

Miss Cigdem: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Master of Education Management & Master of Psychology

Support staff will facilitate supplemental activities.


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We'd love to have your little folks join us too!