rates_enrollmentThese rates are for the 2015-2016 school year:

Registration Fee: $100

 Class  2 day  3 day  4 day  5 day
 2’s Preschool  $280  $370  $420  $475
 3’s Preschool  $270  $360  $405  $465
 Pre-K  $360  $405  $465
 Kindergarten Prep  $405  $465
1/2 day rate (9 a.m.-2 p.m.)  $610
Full day rate  $1025






Preschool is defined as 2.5-3 hours.

Part time is defined as 5 hours or less per day. (Lunch can be provide for an additional $20/month.)

Full time care is defined as more than 5 hours of care per day.(Lunch is included in tuition.)

Before & After School Care

Before & After School Care*Includes early dismissal, no school days and Winter, Mid-winter and Spring Breaks $565 per month
After school care w/ Wed Early Dismissal Care $540 per month
Before school Only $420 per month
Additional Charge for Early Dismissals $16 per day
Additional Charge for No School Day $32



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Please call before enrolling to verify that there is space for your child or to get on our waiting list.