Japanese Program

Supplemental Program


4 days/week supplemental program (September-June)

$100/month in addition to monthly tuition

Our Japanese program offers intentional teaching in a play-based setting in the Japanese language.  The teacher is actively involved in playing with children to facilitate their interests and a deeper understanding of their experience.  The program also introduces children to the Japanese culture through art, music & movement, literacy, food, and games.

Students from our preschool programs can add this additional learning opportunity.

Sample Day includes:

  • Circle Time
  • Learning Centers (STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)
  • Clean Up
  • Read Aloud Book Time


Wednesday only (September-June)


In the Elementary Japanese Program, students will learn language and mathematics in Japanese.  Students will have opportunities to experience various aspects of Japanese culture. The instructor prepares custom learning materials tailored to each student’s needs and students will work at their own pace.  Currently the program is offered to early elementary students K-2.

water play JP

We'd love to have your little folks join us too!