About Little Folks School

Play Based Learning

Children learn through play as they interact with the world around them. Our classes allow children to explore their world through hands-on activities including sensory play, art, manipulatives for fine motor development, dramatic play, and more.

When I Play I am Learning

When I paint at an easel, I am learning…

  • Eye-hand coordination & small motor control, both pre-writing skills
  • Color identification and how to make new colors, science skills
  • To express my feelings and ideas, building self-awareness and self-confidence
  • To develop my imagination and creativity, the foundation of innovation

When I play with playdough, I am learning…

  • To see the shape against the background of the table, a reading skill
  • Concepts of shape, relative size, big, small, length, height, etc., a math & engineering skill
  • That the amount of a substance remains the same, even when the shape changes, a science skill
  • Fine motor strengthening by squeezing and pounding, a writing skill

When I play with water, I am learning…

  • That some things sink and some things float
  • Eye-hand coordination as I learn to pour
  • Concepts of empty and full, volume and weight relevant to mathematics.

When I play with blocks, cars, and trucks, I am learning…

  • Concepts of shape, size, length
  • To create and repeat patterns, a math skill
  • To exercise my imagination
  • To cooperate with others
  • To solve problems

When I play on the climbing equipment, I am learning…

  • Self-confidence as I develop new skills
  • Physical strength, coordination and balance
  • To cooperate with others when I am involved in play
  • To solve problems

When I play in the dramatic play area. I am learning…

  • To be flexible in my thinking
  • To express myself in sentences
  • To try on different adult roles
  • To solve problems, especially socially through negotiation
  • To sort and organize play things

When I participate in circle time activities, I am learning…

  • To listen, sit still, and understand spoken language
  • To add my ideas to the discussion, my ideas have value
  • To wait when others are talking
  • To cooperate and be considerate of the needs of others

When I am sorting things I’m learning…

  • To notice detail and likenesses and differences in objects and form categories, essential concepts for reading and mathematics
  • Concepts of color, size and shape
  • Numerical concepts of more and less “Logical reasoning”


Our Facility

Little Folks School is housed in Redmond Assembly of God Church

Our building features:

  • a full size gymnasium for large motor play
  • warm & welcoming classrooms that provide space for a variety of activities
  • an outdoor playground
  • a lunchroom
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We'd love to have your little folks join us too!